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 Ch. 3 Review from Lynn

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1st Year Student

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PostSubject: Ch. 3 Review from Lynn   Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:55 pm

Ch 3: Overview of Prenatal Development

1. When does prenatal development begin?
2. Define embryology
3. What is a primordium?
4. What is involved with congenital malformation?
5. What is a teratogen?
6. Describe the preimplantation period.
7. What is meiosis,and what happens in its final stages?
8. What is a karoytype?
9. Discuss what happens during cleavage and implantation.
10. What is a blastocyte and what layers are present?
11. Describe the facial and oral presentations involved with down syndrome.
12. What happens during an ectopic pregnancy?
13. Describe the embryonic period.
14. What happens during induction and profileration?
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Ch. 3 Review from Lynn
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