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A place for HCC Dental Hygiene students, both current and former, to share notes, express ideas, organize study groups, and talk about anything related to Dental Hygiene and our program.
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1st Year Student
1st Year Student

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PostSubject: Quizlet.com   Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:05 am

Hey guys! I created a group for us to make quizzes and flashcards on quizlet.
The group is called HCCS Dental Hygiene and the pw is DHstudents

its actually fun! I was working on my flashcards and got bored and played the word games. Very helpful! You can also look at mine and keep adding more sets please! it`d be nice if everyone could add some in! I added ch 3 of the head n neck! still working on it since its such a big chapter!

have a good night everyone!
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